Big Picture Solutions

Panometric combines many different engineering and management disciplines to holistically create compelling solutions.

Projects may encompass some or all of these efforts.

  1. Situation or market assessment
  2. Solution search
  3. Emerging technology evaluation
  4. System architecture
  5. Human factors considerations
  6. Vendor, Partner and Contributor relationship building
  7. Business Process Re-engineering
  8. Electronic design and development
  9. Software development: embedded, cloud, and mobile
  10. Systems and
  11. Implementation
  12. Effectiveness Proofs
  13. Iteration and maintenance.

A good systems engineer:

  1. Knows a little about allot of things.
  2. Knows what he does not know, and seeks those who do.
  3. Is relentlessly inquisitive and evidence based.
  4. Is innovative, pragmatic, and resourceful.
  5. Recognizes risks and unknowns proportionally.
  6. Reduces complexity.
  7. Is adept at learning new processes, tools, and paradigms.
  8. Uses appropriate methods from rigorous mathematics to instinct.
  9. Communicates to broad audiences.

Whether owner, or developer, everyone who uses technology needs a good Systems Engineer.

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