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For Fitness Bands, Slick Marketing but Suspect Results

See on – Internet of Things, M2M Despite rising demand, many devices claiming to monitor fitness and health probably overpromise and underdeliver. Mike Mitchell‘s insight: Over promising may ruin this market. About one vendor: "many of its claims appear scientifically impossible" That’s why nobody was calling points calories. There will be some good devices […]

2013 IoT Internet of Things Awards

See on – Internet of Things, M2M A look at the year’s best Internet of Things companies and products Mike Mitchell‘s insight: Awesome database of some of the coolest IoT products in 2013. To get a good handle on the plethora of ideas out there, you must read every one! See on

It’s now possible to wirelessly charge 40 smartphones from 16 feet away

See on – Internet of Things, M2M Korean researchers have shown it’s possible to wirelessly transmit power over a distance of 16 feet and charge up to 40 smartphones. Mike Mitchell‘s insight: This headline is grabbing, but what I wonder how many real applications need 100W transferred at 40% or less efficiency.  I’ve heard […]

14 Big Acquisitions in the IoT Industry | SteamingTech

See on – Internet of Things, M2M Mike Mitchell‘s insight: A good summary of recent acquisitions in M2M and IoT. Mindshare in this space has always been fragmented, so losing a few brands is probably creative  See on