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IBM Bluemix – Next-Generation Cloud App Development Platform

Bluemix is an open standards, cloud platform for building, running, and managing apps and services. Source: IBMs PaaS offerings are very interesting. You can even get access to Watson. But I really like how they allow so many different platforms to be utilized. By chief objection to amazon and Google services has been that […]

Creating a see-through Arduino with an ATmega328P

CIT is hoping to put the ‘printed’ back into printed circuit boards. CIT Technology is a manufacturer of digitally printed flexible electronic circuits. The crew is on a mission to develop low-cost… Source: See on – Internet of Things, M2M

Nike+ FuelBand SE BLE Protocol Reversed

n sensitive data about the user, this is a good proof of concept on how a badly implemented BLE cus Source: In case you want to hack the Fuelband, some sharp guy has done all the hard work already. See on – Internet of Things, M2M

GE at SXSW: tracking brainwaves during BBQ tastings and using a 12-foot smoker

Two things define SXSW: spectacle and smoked meat. GE’s managed to meld the two at its BBQ Research Center. Just up the street from the Austin Convention Source: I would love to see the analysis on this. So far the brain wave sensors I’ve tried were very primitive. Can they actually correlate the quality […]