About Panometric

Panometric was founded on the simple idea of bringing wireless measurement technology to reality. Whether helping vendors or users, successfully implementing technology that is as disruptive and enabling is a challenge requiring broad skills in technology and business, and we are up to the task.

The premise of Panometric is based on the old adage – you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Our answer: Measure in a cost effective, non-obtrusive way that captures and responds to events in real-time. Then even the management is partly automatic, and what is not can be handled effectively by people because that’s what they do best.

Measuring is the quintessential strategy for improvement. As the foundation of guidance and navigation, it empowers to make intelligent decisions rather than guess, saving countless hours and dollars of waste pursuing goals the wrong way.

Measurement is the most powerful tool available, but can be costly and arduous, even wasteful if performed without purpose. Reams of data will be ignored because it lacks useful information, yet one small piece can be extremely important. Often, that piece is unknown the first time it is sought. So the collection, recording, and analysis need to be efficient, focused, and create actionable results.

Measuring and reacting in a timely way is where automatic identification technology changes the rules. By making it possible,and economical, to measure location and status of all the physical parts of systems, people and processes can be improved to degrees never possible before.

That is the power of the Panometric approach.