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Are Consultants Expensive?

Pricing expertise can be a tricky business. Businesses are constantly faced with the build versus buy dilemma, only now it involves people. And compared to employee salaries, contractors often seem expensive. But there are many mitigating factors. How do you know if you are paying too much? How about looking at the market rates? They […]

Preventing IoT Hacking – Takeaways from 3 IoT Security White Papers | IoT For All

Real security is on all fronts. Here’s 3 new approaches for protocol, radio, and physical security. “IOTA’s developers ultimately plan to use MAM to allow people to ‘bid’ on data from devices connected to the tangle; automating the buying and selling of #IoT device data” Bastille is a “mesh network of radio frequency (RF) sensors […]

Will Android do for the IoT what it did for mobile? – Medium

Mainstream devices can use the new Android for #IoT out of the box. If your device is overpowered, has a UI, and potentially difficult to support, using the Android ecosystem maybe for you. Surely, it will be less buggy and more rapidly supported. Obviously it will be heavy, and regression testing will be more complicated, […]

The critical role of systems thinking in software development – O’Reilly Media

a software system is little more than a formal mathematical model with incomplete, informally specified inputs, outputs, and side effects, run blindly by machines at incomprehensibly high speeds. See full story on The critical role of systems thinking in software development – O’Reilly Media I like his simplification, too many people don’t see software as […]

Chicago deploys computers with eyes, ears and noses

The city now has eyes and ears The data will be available on there is a team of 17 trying to figure out how to use the data. See full story on Chicago deploys computers with eyes, ears and noses | ITworld At almost 7M, I am not impressed by the lack of utility […]

Z-Wave goes public

At least part of it… any developer or manufacturer who desires to have their commercial products labeled as #Z-Wave Certified will need to join the Z-Wave Alliance and submit their products for testing See full story on Z-Wave becomes an open smart-home standard (part of it, at least) So we’ll be able to see inside, […]

Toshiba Silmee W20 and Silmee W21 smartbands announced

Silmee biometric sensor Sourced through from: Toshiba has perhaps one of the most interesting biometric sensors out there "Silmee", but I fear the target market will reject such an ugly device. Athletes would wear this, but probably not Grandma.  See on – Internet of Things, M2M

To see benefits, heath wearables must keep people engaged

Wearable devices could be key to improving health, caring for patients with chronic diseases and understanding the impact of treatments. But there’s one snag: how do you get people to wear them? For all the hype around smartwatches and fitness bands, not everyone wants to walk around with a computer strapped to their body. Studies […]

100 open source Big Data architecture papers for data professionals.

Big Data technology has been extremely disruptive with open source playing a dominant role in shaping its evolution. While on one hand it has been disruptive, on the other it has led to a complex ecosystem where new frameworks, libraries and tools are being released pretty much every day, creating confusion as technologists struggle and […]

Why I won’t run another startup — Medium

Lured by the lights of the startup industry, founders are the product in someone else’s show. So I’ve made five new rules for myself. Source: Maybe it is a semantic difference, but he is right about the pitching and competitions. Too many are like fantasy camps, and you may meet some good people, but […]

Solid-state drives lose data if left without power for just a few days | ZDNet

Solid-state drives are great for performance, but data security must come first. Source: They don’t tell you this: "in as little as a single week on the shelf." And surprisingly, enterprise rated rives fare much WORSE.  I’m sure people are putting these in laptops that may sit on the shelf for months, not realizing they may have a blank slate […]

Young Steve Jobs on how to hire, manage, and lead people – MUST WATCH – YouTube Source: Thinking like this is the advantage that emerging companies have.  See on – Internet of Things, M2M

IBM Bluemix – Next-Generation Cloud App Development Platform

Bluemix is an open standards, cloud platform for building, running, and managing apps and services. Source: IBMs PaaS offerings are very interesting. You can even get access to Watson. But I really like how they allow so many different platforms to be utilized. By chief objection to amazon and Google services has been that […]

Creating a see-through Arduino with an ATmega328P

CIT is hoping to put the ‘printed’ back into printed circuit boards. CIT Technology is a manufacturer of digitally printed flexible electronic circuits. The crew is on a mission to develop low-cost… Source: See on – Internet of Things, M2M

Nike+ FuelBand SE BLE Protocol Reversed

n sensitive data about the user, this is a good proof of concept on how a badly implemented BLE cus Source: In case you want to hack the Fuelband, some sharp guy has done all the hard work already. See on – Internet of Things, M2M

GE at SXSW: tracking brainwaves during BBQ tastings and using a 12-foot smoker

Two things define SXSW: spectacle and smoked meat. GE’s managed to meld the two at its BBQ Research Center. Just up the street from the Austin Convention Source: I would love to see the analysis on this. So far the brain wave sensors I’ve tried were very primitive. Can they actually correlate the quality […]

Internet Of Things: Software platforms will become the rage in 2015 | ZDNet

When we look forward to 2015 and developments around the Internet of Things, we are predicting four key trends and implications. Source: Forrester predicts that "data from IoT will force CIOs to integrate the Internet of Things into their Business Technology Agenda"    But have CIOs considered the full ramifications how making IoT devices […]

How the Internet of Things is transforming law enforcement

From connected guns to wearables for canine units, the IoT is spurring change in the law enforcement field. Source: It will be interesting to see what the adoption rate and pushback from officers is when the 24 hour surveillance society comes to them. But the public seems to be behind it, and it does […]

Marvell’s Kinoma Create – the JavaScript-powered IoT construction kit – LBSZone

JavaScript-powered IoT construction kit – gives developers a connected device prototyping platform for the modern era, because an inspiring developer experience leads to a great user experience Kinoma Create is the first prototyping platform to transform making, with a fully scriptable device and integrated color touchscreen, all enclosed in a case that makes projects mobile; […]

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things The ‘Internet of Things’ will generate $14,400,000,000 of value over the next decade1. There will be 40 times more devices than peo… Source: A plethora of widgets featured here. Some good ideas, some destined to be punchlines.  What differentiates them for you? See on – Internet of Things, M2M

Chicago will begin monitoring cellphone signals to track where people are walking

Chicago already has a wide-reaching video surveillance network, and this summer, it’s going to begin keeping track of much more using automated sensors. Through a program called Array of Things,…

API Reference

Explore the Nest API data model.

The new era of mobile health tech has a big gotcha

See on – Internet of Things, M2M New platforms from Samsung and Apple hold great promise, but they also feed into unrealistic hopes Mike Mitchell‘s insight: This salient observation about heath measurement devices: The American health system is not designed or motivated to utilize them.  So sure, you could build the most valuable heath […]

The connected home is going mainstream faster than anybody realizes

See on – Internet of Things, M2M In the US, at least, the “internet of things” is not the future any more, but the present. One in five adult American internet users already has a device at home that connects the physical environment to the internet, according to a Forrester Research report (paywall) out last week. As many as two-thirds […]

How To Build Useful IoT Product: ThingsCon wrap-up

See on – Internet of Things, M2M Should Internet of Things be fixed? How hard is it to manufacture a product? How difficult is to scale? These were the questions that the speakers and attendees of Thingscon have addressed. The org… Mike Mitchell‘s insight: Thingscon attendees were reminded: "Do things that matter. " While […]


See on – Internet of Things, M2M Wearables hold possibilities for driving down costs and increasing competitiveness. What could it mean for your organization? Mike Mitchell‘s insight: Here’s a well written article on using wearables in enterprise applications. My own experience in safety confirms his conclusion that as long as a wearable is perceived […]

For Fitness Bands, Slick Marketing but Suspect Results

See on – Internet of Things, M2M Despite rising demand, many devices claiming to monitor fitness and health probably overpromise and underdeliver. Mike Mitchell‘s insight: Over promising may ruin this market. About one vendor: "many of its claims appear scientifically impossible" That’s why nobody was calling points calories. There will be some good devices […]

2013 IoT Internet of Things Awards

See on – Internet of Things, M2M A look at the year’s best Internet of Things companies and products Mike Mitchell‘s insight: Awesome database of some of the coolest IoT products in 2013. To get a good handle on the plethora of ideas out there, you must read every one! See on

It’s now possible to wirelessly charge 40 smartphones from 16 feet away

See on – Internet of Things, M2M Korean researchers have shown it’s possible to wirelessly transmit power over a distance of 16 feet and charge up to 40 smartphones. Mike Mitchell‘s insight: This headline is grabbing, but what I wonder how many real applications need 100W transferred at 40% or less efficiency.  I’ve heard […]

14 Big Acquisitions in the IoT Industry | SteamingTech

See on – Internet of Things, M2M Mike Mitchell‘s insight: A good summary of recent acquisitions in M2M and IoT. Mindshare in this space has always been fragmented, so losing a few brands is probably creative  See on

How do you think RTLS/RFID industry will evolve?

In a LinkedIn discussion a software vendor who works with healthcare clients posited that "there is not a single technology (hence not a single vendor) which is the silver bullet for healthcare" I couldn't agree more.  The real value is in the implemented solution. No hardware or software vendor can predict how your staff will […]

Offtopic – Collaberation via Wikis

I spent quite a bit of time in the last few months learning about Wikis, how to use them, and developing a software requirements application using Xwiki, a second generation Wiki platform. While Wikipedia is great, and I encourage you to monetarily support their efforts, Wikis are good for so much more. This is especially […]

Media Oversimplification

Today, I followed the link below curious in what RFID journal was writing about how to pick an RTLS. Without reading the article, I can tell you it will do little to help you decide what to buy and how to utilize an RTLS. It's only 3000 words! While I prize anyone who gets to […]

Integrated battery replacement for power harvesting tags

If you are a tag designer, check out this new device that replaces the battery, rectification, and regulation functions of the power supply for use with energy harvesting.  This device, when combined with an energy harvesting source like solar cell, or mechanical source can power a tag perpetually.

Industrial Applications

Dust networks has a nice summary presentation highlighting their mesh network WirelessHART implementation with channel hopping, time synchronization, and high reliability 3-5 9s reliability. It uses frequency, temporal and path diversity. What is interesting to me is that they are forecasting, albeit very vaguely, the IP addressability and RTLS integration of mesh network nodes. We […]

Wireless Healthcare Standards Evolving

The Continua Health Alliance is trying to solidify an application standard for interconnected healthcare devices that are both mobile, like pulse oximeters, and fixed like sensors used for remote patient monitoring. These technologies promise to ease the burden of caring for the elderly whether in their own homes or assisted living centers. In the quest […]

Sensors in the Cloud

Sensor networks with hierarchies and their resultant isolation will eventually give way to the notion that all devices should interoperate with the world, through IP protocols. I’ve advocated this trend for some time, but several news items from Sensors magazine reinforce this: Zigbee and IP and Pedigree Releases Oneview From an architectural perspective, this only […]

RFID Forecast 2009-2019 Interesting Notes

In a recently released report: RFID Forecasts, Players & Opportunities 2009–2019 I found several thing interesting: (Context warning: this is related primarily to passive technologies.) 1. The total spend is only expected to grow 10% in 2009. Hardly a sign we are on the hockey stick of adoption. 2. Three of Five dollars spent is […]

ZigBee vs WiFi smackdown!

Zigbee the much touted wireless sensor network standard has been around a while now. Yet, it’s adoption has been limited. Already several variants and versions have emerged. Any willing vendor can obtain chipsets and protocol stacks and get started right away. But what always makes or breaks a new standard is how well it is […]

New Zigbee Health and Wellness Profiles

Recently, the Zigbee Alliance released standards for Medical oriented devices to allow standardized interoperability for device functions. Eventually, this should allow worthwhile peer- to peer functionality on the 802.15 network, over and above centralized monitoring applications. I can see this functionality built on Zigbee being very useful in elder care facilities, because of its interaction […]

Integrated Wifi Module and middleware

You may be interested in this new module from G2 released just last week. It’s the most power efficient, and fully integrated Wifi device available. It’s almost everything you need to build a tag or data collection device except interconnects, sensors, a battery and housing, with all the certifications done. At $22 in quantity, this […]

Is it time for the RFID hockey stick?

In tech adoption, there is a phase where rapid uptake and expansion occur once maturity has begun and the early adopters have proven the concepts. What I’m seeing at this show, is that passive RFID is very close to that phase. However, there are remaining barriers, and they are no longer in the fundamental technology, […]

The real ROI

One method of evaluating and investment that every MBA is taught is Return on Investment – ROI. While its a fairly simple calculation and many RFID projects can expect superior ROI over other investments, there are many RFID projects that still make good sense. Why? Because the return comes as a second or third order […]

The other green of RFID

RFID is frequently seen as method of increasing efficiency to save money. But it could be seen as much as an environmentally friendly tool as a monetary one? How? Consider that for every efficiency made, there is less energy used on wasted work, less excessive product in the supply chain, and less product wasted because […]

What’s in an acronym – RFID and RTLS

There seems to be confusion in the industry about where these descriptions differ. RFID is a general description of any system that identifies without line if sight. At a cursory glance, RTLS (Real time location System) seems to add a qualitative presentation and timeliness element to data that is collected by RFID. But ask yourself […]

What would you like to know from RFID Live in Orlando next week?

I am attending RFID Live in Orlando. If you have specific questions about what RFID products might work for your application, let me know and I will be your eyes and ears. Whatever I find, I will provide short leads for you at no charge as a gift to my network. Free expert advice, just […]

Mike Mitchell

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