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RFID Forecast 2009-2019 Interesting Notes

In a recently released report: RFID Forecasts, Players & Opportunities 2009–2019 I found several thing interesting: (Context warning: this is related primarily to passive technologies.) 1. The total spend is only expected to grow 10% in 2009. Hardly a sign we are on the hockey stick of adoption. 2. Three of Five dollars spent is…

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ZigBee vs WiFi smackdown!

Zigbee the much touted wireless sensor network standard has been around a while now. Yet, it’s adoption has been limited. Already several variants and versions have emerged. Any willing vendor can obtain chipsets and protocol stacks and get started right away. But what always makes or breaks a new standard is how well it is…

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New Zigbee Health and Wellness Profiles

Recently, the Zigbee Alliance released standards for Medical oriented devices to allow standardized interoperability for device functions. Eventually, this should allow worthwhile peer- to peer functionality on the 802.15 network, over and above centralized monitoring applications. I can see this functionality built on Zigbee being very useful in elder care facilities, because of its interaction…

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