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The connected home is going mainstream faster than anybody realizes

See on – Internet of Things, M2M In the US, at least, the “internet of things” is not the future any more, but the present. One in five adult American internet users already has a device at home that connects the physical environment to the internet, according to a Forrester Research report (paywall) out last week. As many as two-thirds…

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How To Build Useful IoT Product: ThingsCon wrap-up

See on – Internet of Things, M2M Should Internet of Things be fixed? How hard is it to manufacture a product? How difficult is to scale? These were the questions that the speakers and attendees of Thingscon have addressed. The org… Mike Mitchell‘s insight: Thingscon attendees were reminded: "Do things that matter. " While…

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See on – Internet of Things, M2M Wearables hold possibilities for driving down costs and increasing competitiveness. What could it mean for your organization? Mike Mitchell‘s insight: Here’s a well written article on using wearables in enterprise applications. My own experience in safety confirms his conclusion that as long as a wearable is perceived…

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