Media Oversimplification

Today, I followed the link below curious in what RFID journal was writing about how to pick an RTLS.

Without reading the article, I can tell you it will do little to help you decide what to buy and how to utilize an RTLS. It's only 3000 words! While I prize anyone who gets to a point concisely, it is a disservice to users to suggest it is this simple.

RFID Journal : How to buy an RTLS

Even Ajay Malik's book  RTLS for Dummies is 300 pages and only serves as a primer.  Specific issues around your application, site and technology all threaten to prevent you from getting the full benefit of the technology.  Providers often count on services revenue that customers do not anticipate because they do not know in advance what they do not understand.

Success in technology comes from knowing what you don't know.

I invite anyone who is considering an RTLS purchase and deployment for a free 1/2 hour consultation to identify where unknowns could hamper your success with RTLS.