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LoRa adoption wide, and surprisingly mixed with similar technologies

#LoRa promises long range with battery life and low cost. But like any technology, it is not a solution to all challenges. In LoRa’s case, its because it is extraordinarily bandwidth limited, and upstream oriented. This anecdote from the Mobile World Congress suggests many vendors see it as a complementary technology rather than competitive to…

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Are Consultants Expensive?

Pricing expertise can be a tricky business. Businesses are constantly faced with the build versus buy dilemma, only now it involves people. And compared to employee salaries, contractors often seem expensive. But there are many mitigating factors. How do you know if you are paying too much? How about looking at the market rates? They…

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Will Android do for the IoT what it did for mobile? – Medium

Mainstream devices can use the new Android for #IoT out of the box. If your device is overpowered, has a UI, and potentially difficult to support, using the Android ecosystem maybe for you. Surely, it will be less buggy and more rapidly supported. Obviously it will be heavy, and regression testing will be more complicated,…

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